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Our New Strength Weight Room

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Strength Weight Room

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Thomas Little – Outstanding Swimmer of the Meet

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CVL X-Country Coaches of the Year: Mrs. and Mr. LaMar

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Cadet Corps – Pass and Review & Promotion Ceremony

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Drum Line – ADLA 10th place in State

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Silver Knights of Honor


Amazing April

Testing season is upon us with the new state mandated Smarter Balance test for Juniors taking place April 13-30.  Juniors will be tested through their U.S. History class with their History teacher Ms. LH and English teacher Mr. Riddell leading the sessions.  Each Junior will only miss two days of class instead of an entire week under the previous CST testing.  This will be our first counted Common Core Assessment for our school. Sophomores will test in Life Science on April 30, as part of the former CST testing.  Please have your students rested and help us emphasize the importance of these test as part of our schools Accountability Report Card issued by the California Department of Education.

Seniors will be bringing home their Code of Ethics to be read and signed by both the student and their parent/guardian.  Please be sure to review this contract, its guidelines and requirements for upcoming Senior Activities.  These contracts are due back to the administration office no later than April 17, 2015.  Failure to return a signed contract will keep a student from participating in Senior Activities.  Senior attendance becomes a concern during the fourth quarter, as “Senioritis” sets in.  Please assist us in making sure your student is in attendance EVERY DAY, and that they are completing their assignments in a timely manner.  There is no school sponsored “ditch days” as we cannot violate Education Code and allow for truancy.  We have established three non-attendance days for Seniors starting Friday, May 29 (Grad Night will count for their day of attendance), but will adjust those to days of attendance if we have more than 1/3 of the Senior class missing on any given day.  Other potential days of non-attendance will be Tuesday, June 2 (Senior Awards Night will count as their day of attendance) and Thursday, June 4 (Graduation will count as their day of attendance). We have also planned shortened days for Monday, June 1 for Senior Breakfast, and Wednesday, June 3 for Graduation Practice on our campus.  We must continue to meet the necessary minutes of instruction for our students in order to validate their diplomas.  Thank you ahead of time for your support in this matter.

JoAnn Baeten – Principal


COFFEE WITH THE PRINCIPAL:  Don’t forget to attend our second meet and chat with the Principal on Wednesday, April 8 at 8:30 am in Room 83.  Thank you to the PAC for sponsoring this event.

 CADET CORPS:  The Cadets are preparing for two major events this month:  On April 11, they will head to Los Alamitos to compete in the state drill competition.  We wish all are teams and individual competitors good luck.  On April 17 at 6:00 pm they will host their annual Pass and Review on our football field with the entire brigade participating. 

DRUM LINE:  The final competition before semi-finals and finals takes place on April 11, at MLK high school in Riverside.  The line continues to work hard on their performances and have put in numerous hours of practice.  We wish them good luck as the season comes to a close.

VAPA:  This will be a busy month for the Arts as several groups and classes will be performing.  The drama class will host their production of “Alice at Wonderland” a contemporary take on the original production on Friday, April 10 from 6-8 pm in the gym.  This is an interactive performance where the audience will move through different scenes throughout the night.  The cost of admission will be $3.00 for one ticket or $5.00 for two.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      On April 22, the VAPA department will host ART KNIGHT from 6-8 in the gym.  This is an opportunity to come see both the Visual and Performing Arts at their best.  Also on this day, the Chamber Singers will be heading to Pasadena to perform in a Vocal Music Festival.  

SPORTS:  Swimming, yes swimming has been performing very well in fee-lance competitions this season.  Tricia and Thomas Little our representing Riverside Prep in CIF competitions and swimming qualifying times for their events.  They have also earned medals at each of the competitions they have swam in.  A big thank you to their coach and father Bill Little for the updates and making this a positive for our school.                                       Track and field continues to host all of the CVL meets at our site, and have been preforming at high levels.  Thank you to our coaching staff, Mr. and Mrs. LaMar for all the extra time and work that goes in to hosting these meets.  Also, a huge congratulations to both of them for being named CVL Cross Country Coaches of the Year.  Baseball and softball are competing every game and looking to secure playoff spots in CIF.  Finally, the golf team has been in full swing and is looking forward to individual qualifiers for CIF.

ASB ELECTIONS:  Student election packets are available for running for office next year in Room 101.  This is a great opportunity for students to get involved in leadership and help make RP a more spirited and fun place to attend.  Election speeches will be on Friday, April 24, with ASB voting on April 28 and 29 at lunch.  A minimum 2.5 GPA is required to be eligible for ASB and service to the school.

PROM:  This years dance will be held on the Fantasy by the Sea Yacht sailing out of Marina Del Rey.  Tickets are on sale for $155.00 per person through April 10, 2015.  Field trip permission slips must be completed for every student and guest that will be attending.  ALL students and guest must ride the bus to and from the prom, no private transportation will be allowed.  See the ASB link under the information tab for more updated news.





our mission

Our Mission

Our school is committed to the growth and positive development of students through an experiential learning approach that strives to engage the student, enlighten the mind and empower the future.

Our mission is to empower every student to be a successful learner. We want our students to be the “Best” without reservation or qualified restrictions. We seek to promote a diverse, challenging and supportive environment of firmly grounded, tolerant, respectful, accountable and academically motivated students.


Fully Accredited WASC School

WASC stands for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It is the accrediting body for the western states, including California. Their job is to visit schools and determine whether or not the school is doing an adequate job educating All students as well as whether the school meets its own definition of who it claims to be. The WASC process includes a self-study to identify who we are, what we are doing, and how we are doing it.

Becoming WASC accredited means that credits, grades, and courses taken at Riverside Prep will be transferable to other high schools and will be looked at by colleges as a fully accredited and reputable high school. Many colleges and universities will not accept students from non-accredited schools, or if they do, often students are held to higher test score requirements. Our interest is giving the students at our school the best education possible as well as enabling them to pursue whatever course they choose in the future.


Enrollment Center

The Enrollment Center is located at 19121 Third St. in Oro Grande, CA.
For more information please call (760) 843-5556.

Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Enrollment Availability

Riverside Preparatory School has a limited number of spaces available for students.  A lottery is conducted to determine the order in which an invitation to attend will be extended when spaces are available which are less than the number of students on the waiting list for any given grade level.  Kindergarten students for each year are accepted on a “first come” basis until classes are full.  The School encourages parents to register for Kindergarten as early as possible.  Some parents are registering their children for kindergarten as early as five years in advance!

Football 2_programhs


The main goal of the Riverside Preparatory Music Department is to give each student a positive experience with music. This includes the ability to demonstrate appropriate fundamentals, concepts, and techniques needed to perform successfully.

California Cadet Corps

Riverside Prep. High School is proud to offer our students access to the California Cadet Corps program. This program is available to all of our high school students and is an elective period during the school day.


Our athletic program stresses the importance of student participation and sportsmanship while learning and performing various skills – along with encouraging students about nutritional needs.