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Silver Knights of Honor


Silver Knights of Honor


Silver Knights of Honor


Silver Knights of Honor

Football 2_programhs

Silver Knights of Honor


Silver Knights of Honor


Silver Knights of Honor


Silver Knights of Honor


Win Every Day!

RPHS Silver Knights congratulations on a solid first quarter! You have done an excellent job of immersing yourselves in the school culture and the many projects that each of your classes are doing. I can tell that for some of you at the 9th grade level it has been a slow and arduous journey. I am excited to see that many of you have arrived and are moving forward with great success. The rest of you please know that we will still be here when you arrive.

I am excited as we really immerse ourselves in the project season here in the next quarter. The 9th grade Heritage project is well underway and Frankenstein is getting started as well! The Juniors and Seniors are also starting projects that are going to cause them to ask some very deep and poignant questions about themselves and the world around them. I love this part of the journey!

We have a couple of great opportunities to attend football games during the break! Please come out and SUPPORT our teams as they strive to their winning goals! I am very disappointed that screaming and yelling of obscenities and deragotory comments is fast becoming a trend in poor sportsmanship amongst our Silver Knight fans. If you cannot come to the game and be supportive in the face of all the adversity our teams may encounter, I would ask you not to attend at all. Fans that are abusive toward coaches and students will be asked to leave the game and the campus. Our student athletes work very hard all week to prepare for games. Our coaches give an abundance of time to your children away from their families and jobs. They care about or kids and will always do what is necessary to teach proper techniques, strategies, and decorum to them. Please strive to support your students and our coaches at all times where student athletes are concerned. If you have an issue with a coach please schedule an appointment with the Athletic Director and the coach to address it. Talking about it in front of your student athlete only serves to set them up to fail. Our kids are important to us and we want you as their parents to be there for them at every turn. I know you know how to conduct yourselves appropriately. Please be the model your student needs to follow. We will do the same.

Naviance is in full swing and I hope that everyone is using it one at least a weekly basis. It is important that you investigate all the wonderful features that Naviance has for you from interest inventories all the way to direct college communication. We are using the new E-Doc system within Naviance in order to enhance the direct communication the school ahs for each of with the college and university systems. This means that we can directly upload our electronic files to specific colleges and universities eliminating the middleman. Naviance is a great tool for each of you as we transition from college to career.

Congratulations all of our athletic teams for the great representation they give to our school. I appreciate the stalwart effort each student athlete puts in on behalf of the school. I know that we love the sports that we play but the reality is that if your not out there putting it on the line then you’re not getting written up in the sports pages. These folks get evaluated on their effort week in and week out and if things aren’t going their way it can be lonely and frustrating. Let’s all try to say “Good Job!” to our athletes, cheer, and band each week for the great effort they give to our school. I know that I am very proud of all of them! Keep up the great work Silver Knights!

I wish you all a refreshing week off. I hope that you get a much-deserved rest and that you are ready to really hit the books hard when we return. We have some home football games during the break so maybe we will see you then.

* Don’t miss out on all the benefits/savings the ASB card will get you. They are $45. For more information ask any ASB member or stop by room 101 during A & B lunch.

*Stop by room 101 during lunch time to get your football spirit shirts. They are $10 for one or 2 for $15.

* Your new class colors are 9th – Grey, 10th - White, 11th – Maroon, 12th - Black

* Attention all Juniors and Seniors, Prom tickets are now on sale for $155 in room 101 during lunch. You may make 3 payments. The first payment is due Sept. 30th.

*Senior pictures will be this week September 25th and 26th.

*Homecoming is October 25th from 6-10 in the GYM. Tickets are now on sale during A & B lunch for $40 without and ASB card and $35 with ASB card. We also have the rules for the floats ready for you to pick up during lunch time in front of room 101.

*Homecoming nominations will be held next week September 29th and 30th.

NEW SPIRIT WEAR –Athletics, DECA and Cheer are holding a very short but awesome fundraiser to raise money and school spirit! Please check it out at the below locations to see what is on sale. This includes include PJ Pants which Bell has approved for us to wear on Fridays. Show your Silver Knights spirit!! Submit your order to Barkdoll or any of the other listed teachers. Money and orders are due by10/2/14. All items should be in by Thanksgiving Break!

Mrs. Harrod – Rm 94  -  Door of Building D  -  Mr. Rincon – Rm 102

Ms. LH – Rm 104  -  Mrs. Macias – Rm 74  -  Staff workroom

SENIORS - We will be offering a free college fieldtrip to Cal State San Bernardino and UC Riverside on October 20th. We will leave campus at 8:15 AM and return at approximately 5:00 PM. If interested, please pick up a permission slip from Mrs. Sanchez ASAP. There are only 70 spots available. Any spots not filled by seniors by next Tuesday, September 30th, will be made available to juniors.

PARKING PASSES – Attention ALL students who drive to school.  It is required that you display a 2014/2015 parking pass in your car if you park anywhere on campus.  The back lot is for seniors only but students who park in the upper lot are still required to purchase and display a parking pass. The parking pass order forms are available in the front attendance office.

DECA – Come purchase your favorite player’s football card.  On sale now in rm. 94. Girls Basketball: Interested players, see Mrs. LH in room 104.

Girls Softball:  If you are interested in playing softball this year, see Ms. Pittman. Boy’s Basketball A reminder that grade checks need to be turned into coach Rincon by September 3rd, plus physicals and sports packets need to be turned into Mrs. Barkdoll. This paperwork must be turned in if you plan on participating in the upcoming workouts, Conditioning Tues and Thurs this week from 3:00pm – 4:30pm

Boy’s Soccer and Baseball: If there are any questions please contact Coach Kemble.


FOOTBALL – Practice Mon – Thurs 3:15pm – 6:30pm, Fri 12:00pm – 3:30pm

VOLLEYBALL – Practice Mon – Thurs 3:00pm – 5:00pm, No practice on Friday

CROSS COUNTRY - Practice Mon – Thurs 3:15pm – 4:45pm, Fri 12:00pm – 1:45pm

Naviance: ALL SENIORS NEED TO LOG IN AND UPDATE THEIR ACCOUNTS ASAP! We believe that our students are capable of doing great things and Naviance opens the opportunities for them.

We look forward to all the wonderful support throughout the year. We will do all that we can to keep the communication lines open with you. Thank you to all of you who have brought new students to RPHS. I enjoy knowing that our parents and students are always looking to add great people to our school community. Keep up the good work! And remember…Go Silver Knights!



Welcome Letter 2014-2015 School Year

our mission

Our Mission

Our school is committed to the growth and positive development of students through an experiential learning approach that strives to engage the student, enlighten the mind and empower the future.

Our mission is to empower every student to be a successful learner. We want our students to be the “Best” without reservation or qualified restrictions. We seek to promote a diverse, challenging and supportive environment of firmly grounded, tolerant, respectful, accountable and academically motivated students.


Fully Accredited WASC School

WASC stands for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It is the accrediting body for the western states, including California. Their job is to visit schools and determine whether or not the school is doing an adequate job educating All students as well as whether the school meets its own definition of who it claims to be. The WASC process includes a self-study to identify who we are, what we are doing, and how we are doing it.

Becoming WASC accredited means that credits, grades, and courses taken at Riverside Prep will be transferable to other high schools and will be looked at by colleges as a fully accredited and reputable high school. Many colleges and universities will not accept students from non-accredited schools, or if they do, often students are held to higher test score requirements. Our interest is giving the students at our school the best education possible as well as enabling them to pursue whatever course they choose in the future.


Enrollment Center

The Enrollment Center is located at 19121 Third St. in Oro Grande, CA.
For more information please call (760) 843-5556.

Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Enrollment Availability

Riverside Preparatory School has a limited number of spaces available for students.  A lottery is conducted to determine the order in which an invitation to attend will be extended when spaces are available which are less than the number of students on the waiting list for any given grade level.  Kindergarten students for each year are accepted on a “first come” basis until classes are full.  The School encourages parents to register for Kindergarten as early as possible.  Some parents are registering their children for kindergarten as early as five years in advance!

Football 2_programhs


The main goal of the Riverside Preparatory Music Department is to give each student a positive experience with music. This includes the ability to demonstrate appropriate fundamentals, concepts, and techniques needed to perform successfully.

California Cadet Corps

Riverside Prep. High School is proud to offer our students access to the California Cadet Corps program. This program is available to all of our high school students and is an elective period during the school day.


Our athletic program stresses the importance of student participation and sportsmanship while learning and performing various skills – along with encouraging students about nutritional needs.