Twelfth Grade

Destry Knight
Destry Knight
Age: 18
Grade: Twelfth Grade
Years at Riverside Prep: 8
1. What do you like most about going to Riverside Prep? The teachers. We have really talented teachers here and teachers that really care and clearly love their job and want to do good at it. And it's clear that they care about the students, no matter what. 

2. What's your favorite class/teacher and why? Favorite teacher would probably be Mrs. Rojas. She teachers art and that's one of my favorite subjects, along with history. But Mrs. Rojas has really helped me a lot with gaining more confidence in my art. For a while I was very stagnant and not really improving or even enjoying it as much as I used to, so she really helped invigorate that interest and she's helped me a lot with getting into contact with professionals in the art industry, which has been really great.

3. What do you like to do outside of school? Draw. I also really love writing and spending time with my animals a lot, I'm an animal person. We have two cats, two dogs, two turtles and a bird. They all get a long, for the most part. And I also like to play video games a lot. 

4. What do you want to do after you graduate? I'm going to start off with community college, because I think that's best for the way that I work. I'm not 100 percent sure what I want to study, so I'm probably going to go for an associate's degree in art history and then from there we'll see. But I know career wise I'd love to do something with storyboarding and concept art for TV or movies, stuff like that.
Comment from Mrs. Rojas: Destry is an outstanding student overall who excels in all his classes, including a couple of the college courses. But above all else, Destry is an artist who is always looking to push the boundaries of what he is comfortable with and really shows himself in his own work. Destry embraces the artist soul of portraying himself through art, reminding me a lot of the quote from Vincent van Gogh, "I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say, 'He feels deeply, he feels tenderly.'" Destry is always encouraging other students to dig more deeply into themselves for inspiration and always keeps me sane by filling up my paints and spell-checking my PowerPoints.

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