Chris McIntyre
Chris McIntyre (Coach Mac)
Classes: U.S. History and World History, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

Years at Riverside Prep: Four
1. How did you get into teaching? I spent my first three years teaching in Virginia, around Charlottesville. I'm from Rialto, which is crazy because (Middle School Principal) Ms. Baeten was my government teacher in high school. She actually reached out to me when the basketball coaching position opened up here and it was perfect timing because I was looking to come home.
2. What do you like about teaching at Riverside Prep? The teaching is with great kids. It's going to be hard to go anywhere else because we have such excellent students and it's great interacting with them on a daily basis. They make my job easy. At some schools you have teachers coming in just to teach, but I enjoy interacting with the kids more than teaching my actual subject. Being a role model and guiding them to the next level of their lives, even if it's not college, is something I love. And coaching is my passion. At this school we have good players and good support, and we've been able to have a lot of success here.

3. What's your favorite moment in teaching? Honestly, my favorite moment in teaching is not one thing that has happened. My favorite moments are when former students and players come back to see me and update me on their lives. And also when they drop knowledge on my current students. It just shows the respect that they have for me and shows that I do something right with my relationship building and teaching strategy.
4. What are you able to use in both the classroom and on the basketball court? We have this strategy in teaching called "I do, We do, You do." So I show them how to do it, then we do it together, and then they are able to do it on their own. I take that to practice and it really helps them comprehend new drills and skills we're working on. The best teachers and the best coaches are leaders, so those leaderships skills definitely overlap. Whether it's playing in a game or doing an assignment, it's all about leadership and strategy. The best strategy for me is relationship building. It's all about that I'm there for them and I get them, and that I'm someone they can trust.

5. What does it mean to be the High School Teacher of the Month? It means a lot. It's not only about the respect of the admin, but it shows I'm doing things right. I don't do it for the awards or the recognition, but it's always good to get that to show that I'm trying and I care about my job, along with the impact on my students. It's the best thing I can do and it means a lot to have my work recognized.
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